Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio


Photo by Kasper Tranberg

This is my take on a classic saxophone trio with original music inspired by Ornette Coleman, Albert Ayler, Sonny Rollins as well as african and japanese folk music. The trio released their debut album in 2016 and received several great reviews from all over the world plus it was nominated for a Danish Music Awards Jazz as New Jazz Name of the Year 2016

HPM: sax/compositions
Anders Vestergaard: Drums
Casper Rask: Bass



hpm-trio-coverHenrik Pultz Melbye Trio – S/T
12″ vinyl and download (self released may 2016)

Henrik Pultz Melbye: Saxophone
Casper Nyvang Rask: Bass
Anders Vestergaard: Drums

Engineered by Bjørn Gjessing
Mixed and mastered by Teis Frandsen
Produced by Kasper Tranberg
Cover art by Adi Zukanovic
Recorded in Vanløse, November 2015

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Go here if you wish to see some videos.

“It happens with simmering sections and open and fresh whiffs, where avantgardelegends like Ornette Coleman and Albert Aylmer are lurking in the back and where Henrik Pultz Melbye with his powerfull tenorsaxophone playing moves on, not rarely with a fabulating subtlety, that can give associations to the old tenor-colossus Sonny Rollins
-Kjeld Frandsen, Berlingske

“The Melbye Trio offers a bold, left-off-center and quite expressive take on the classic sax trio, suggesting new arresting sonic spectrum and new kind of interplay for this seminal format.”
“The following “Ud over stepperne” highlights Melbye’s charismatic delivery and nuanced timbral search, reflecting the Ornette Coleman fast-shifting rhythmic dynamics…”
-Eyal Hareuveni, freejazzblog.org

“…and in Ud over stepperne you are taken from Melbye’s gentle solopart to a hard medium-swing with the whole trio in full vigor and a skillful sax improvisation. At last also a sweeping Rollins-salute in a light calypso-feel with Halli Hallo”
Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio is a warm welcomed record debutant skillfully playing real acoustic jazz straight from the melting pot – without epigoni, but deeply personal and heartfelt devotedly.”
-Bjarne Søltoft, Jazz Special

“Henrik Pultz Melbye is a strong saxophone player working with a personal sound. There are echoes of Jesper Zeuthen, Ornette Coleman and others from the crooked side of jazz, but Pultz Melbye manages to transform his own soul into the instrument.”
-Niels Overgaard, Jazznyt.blogspot.dk 

“Pultz Melbye has many interesting ideas, and gets enough space and time to present them. He’s a very good saxophone player, who probably will disappoint some with his special saxophone sound, while others will love it.”
-Jan Granlie, Salt-peanuts.eu

Clearly, these three musicians enjoy playing and “Halli Hallo” takes the Calypso-inspiration from Sonny Rollins and filters it through a strange brew of sounds. Overall, the album is a successful meeting between the jazz tradition and a search for new forms of expression.
-Jakob Bækgaard, All About Jazz