I’ve added a couple of solo shows this spring. I’m really looking forward to playing these shows:

1. AU, Vienna
2. Interpenetration, Graz
3. TBA (if you can help with a show in Berlin please get in touch!)
4. Sowieso, Berlin
5. M89, Leipzig
23. Galeri Ping Pong, Malmö
29. Koncertkirken, Copenhagen
17. TBA (If you can help with a show in Sweden please get in touch)
18. Deichmanske Bibliotek, Oslo
19. Labert Opmøte, Henningsvær
20. (Labert Opmøte, Henningsvær)
My solo cassette tape is out February 12th on Insula Jazz and as streaming and download! You will be able to buy it digitally from my Bandcamp site or physically through

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