“Just like you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a prince, you have to listen to a lot of recent solo improvised saxophone albums to find one that is this exciting. This is way more than just another where-the-hell-is-that-rhythm-section-to-back-those-boring-changes or the average one trick-pony-circular-breathing-until-death-comes solo sax album.”
-Raphael Foisy-Couture, http://small-scale-music.blogspot.dk

Henrik Pultz Melbye is a award nominated danish saxophone and clarinet player and composer living in Copenhagen. He is currently playing with many different bands such as SVIN, Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio, The Hum, a solo project, Heaven and Lund & Pultz Melbye, focusing on experimental and improvised music, but also working within pop, rock and mainstream jazz. Read more in the bio or go and explore his different bands.

Below you have a playlist featuring some of the music Henrik is involved in.


“Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio is a warm welcomed record debutant skillfully playing real acoustic jazz straight from the melting pot – without epigoni, but deeply personal and heartfelt devotedly.”
-Bjarne Søltoft, Jazz Special

“The Melbye Trio offers a bold, left-off-center and quite expressive take on the classic sax trio, suggesting new arresting sonic spectrum and new kind of interplay for this seminal format.”
“The following “Ud over stepperne” highlights Melbye’s charismatic delivery and nuanced timbral search, reflecting the Ornette Coleman fast-shifting rhythmic dynamics…”
-Eyal Hareuveni, freejazzblog.org

“The concise improvisations are highly intense, disciplined and cerebral, reflecting Melbye restless, searching spirit. All together these improvisations solidify Melbye complex and rich language and his commanding usage of extended breathing techniques, including circular breathing, creating feedback effects and drone soundscapes.”
Eyal Hareuveni, freejazzblog


Bands/projects I’m involved in:

Henrik Pultz Melbye Trio (Explosive avantgardejazz)
HPM: sax/compositions
Anders Vestergaard: Drums
Casper Rask: Bass

HPM: saxes/clarinet

SVIN (Metal/punk/postrock)
HPM: Sax/clarinet
Lars Bech Pilgaard: Guitar
Adi Zukanovic: Synths
Thomas Eiler: Drums

Barry (repetitive baritone sax duo)
Johs Lund: Baritone saxophone
HPM: Baritone saxophone

Maskinvåd (Pop/rock)
Mathias W. Kjeldsen: Voc/guitar
Lars Bech Pilgaard: Guitar
Peter Skibsted: Bass
Asger Bjørk: Drums
HPM: Sax/synths

The Hum (Drone/freejazz)
HPM: sax/clarinet/electronics
Henrik Olsson: Guitars
Nicolai Kaas-Claesson: Bass
Rune Lohse: Drums

Den Polyvalente Hjelm
Asger Thomsen: Bass
Thomas Dabrowski: Trumpet
HPM: Sax
Rune Lohse: Drums
Jeppe Zeeberg: Piano

Non active bands that I’ve worked with:

Motherfucker (Freejazz metal)
HPM: Baritonesax
Jakob Thorkild: Guitar
Thomas Eiler: Drums

The Uuuhs (Impro pop music)
HPM: sax
Lars Bech Pilgaard: Guitar
Håkon Berre: Drums